The 2017 Sweepers Escape

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Meet & Greet Drawings

RULES: Each convention attendee will have four (4) entries that can be used for any of the Meet & Greet drawings. You can put all four (4) of your entries into 1 drawing (4+0=4) or put 1 entry in each of the 4 drawings (1+1+1+1=4) or 2 entries into 2 drawings (2+2=4). Whatever combination you select, the total of all your entries must be four (4). All 4 entries must be submitted at the same time. A second form submission will be disqualified. 

The deadline to enter is September 15, 2017.

All winners will be randomly selected at the Meet & Greet (aka Bon Voyage Party!) on Saturday, 9/23/17 in Spice H2O on Deck 17 Aft from 4:15-5:15pm.


$100 ONBOARD CREDIT – 10 winners

MINI-GOLF TOURNAMENT – 16 winners + 2 alternates

Begins Monday (9/25) at 8:00am. Contestants must check in and be ready to tee off at 8:00am at the miniature golf course on Deck 17 Aft or forfeit their place in the tournament. The following cash prizes will be awarded:

                                               1st Place:                 $250

                                               2nd Place:                $200

                                               3rd & 4th Place:       $100

                                               5th & 6th Place:        $50

                                               7th-16th Place:         $25

SLOT PULL – 40 winners + 2 alternates

Winners must be present at the $3 Wheel of Fortune slot machine in the Casino by 3:00pm on Sunday (9/24) or forfeit their place in the tournament. The convention will put $840 in the machine so that each participant can have 7 pulls. Prize amounts won by each person will be recorded to determine the overall winner. When the last person has completed their 7 pulls, the money in the machine will be cashed out and divided equally among the 40 players (rounded to the nearest dollar). Additional prize money will be awarded to the top 3 players who accumulated the most money with their 7 spins.

        1st Place:                $100 + any amount left over after the prize is divided by 40.

        2nd Place:               $30

        3rd Place:                $30

REMEMBER: Only four (4) entries per person. If your combined total is more than four (4) we reserve the right to lower the number of entries as we see fit.