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Cruise Critic's 10 Things Not to Do on Sea Days

Posted by [email protected] on May 11, 2017 at 10:05 AM

By now you know that I am not the most punctual blogger. It's nothing for me to go for weeks (okay months) without thinking about it. I think it's called "Life" getting in the way. But this morning I was inspired by Cruise Critic's blog. It was so good, I just have to share. 

Cruise Critic's subject is "10 Things Not to Do on a Sea Day". I'll post the link below and some suggestions of my own under each of the 10 points. Remember, each of these points starts with DON'T.

1. Ignore your daily newsletter.

Please remember that Sea Days are Convention Days and we will make it worth your while to attend the convention sessions from 8am-Noon on Sunday (9/24 - Day 2), Monday (9/25 - Day 3) and Thursday (9/28 - Day 6). We will try to get you out in time to enjoy/participate in the many afternoon & evening activities. Cruise Critic has also posted copies of all the Freestyle Daily newsletters from the Escape during their own cruise from Feb.20-27, 2016. Click here to take a look at what you can expect when we set sail next September. TIP: If you lose your Freestyle Daily, you can pick up an extra on Deck 7 midship.

2. Pack your schedule too full.

For many of us, the object of a cruise is to relax. So what if you miss a cooking demonstration, bingo game or cruise presentation.  Most of these presentations, demos and shows are video'd and replayed all week long on your cabin TV. TIP: The Waterfront on Deck 8 goes almost completely around the ship and is an incredible area filled with couches, lounge chairs and outdoor seating for several of the ship's restaurants. NCL describes it as an industry first, quarter-mile oceanfront promenade. For me it was much more peaceful and relaxing than the crowded spa and pool deck areas. 

3. Miss out on special events.

Right back to suggestion your Freestyle Daily to be in the know on what is happening and when!

4. Eat all your meals at the buffet.

You are really missing out on some good food and experiences if you only eat at buffets. O'Sheehan's Bar & Grill was a favorite of ours to escape the crowds at the Garden Buffet breakfast. Also, some people think they can only order one item from each course during a sit-down meal. NOT SO! I've known many people who ordered 2 or even 3 appetizers, salads, entrees and/or desserts. Years ago on a cruise with my daughter, she could not decide which dessert to order. So our waiter said, "Let me surprise you!" He did just that when he brought out all 3 of the desserts she was trying to decide from.

5. Reserve lounge chairs you don't plan to use for hours.

Glad to say I've never done this, but I can see how it could be a problem. 

6. Go to the spa or gym at peak times.

Once again, I avoid peak times for anything. Slow and easy going is my favorite speed! ;)

7. Start drinking at 9 a.m.

Doesn't apply to me, cause I do not drink alcoholic beverages, but I have seen some sunburnt beauties passed out in lounge chairs. What a way to ruin a good cruise.

8. Spend all day indoors.

Really! What's the point of going on a cruise if you stay inside? My advice again...The Waterfront. Choose a comfy spot in the shade or sun to enjoy a good book or the view. TIP: Park yourself near Dolce Gelato and The Bake Shop and you will have easy access to some really good snacks.

9. Sleep the day away.

At the very least, do it out on the Deck or the Waterfront. Unless you're sick (bummer) you should be taking advantage of all the cool stuff going on around you.

10. Forget your budget.

Maybe this should be #1. There is nothing worse than overspending your budget. They make it super easy to keep up with what you have charged. You can pull your account up on the TV in your room at any time. We do not want to see you crying as you leave the ship. Unless it's because you are going to miss seeing all of us!

Now that you have my input, I suggest you click here and read the original blog on the Cruise Critic website. They have some great suggestions and links that will help you make this cruise the most incredible vacation you've ever had.

Gwen Beauchamp

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